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Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) is a government-owned and controlled corporation under the Department of Transportation and Communications as an attached agency. It is responsible for financing, management and operations of public ports throughout the Philippines, except the port of Cebu, which is under the Cebu Ports Authority.

The PPA Managed Network Service aims to integrate and maintain its nationwide Voice, Video and Data Communications facilities that will need  to connect the 28 PMOs Remote Offices and other Field Offices of PPA to the Central Office and manage its requirement for Internet Service, Video Conferencing, Voice and Data Network Connectivity, Network Migration, Network Security, and Network Monitoring. This engagement run for a minimum of three (3) years.





iOne Resources was tasked to interconnect all regional offices in a secured network. As a solution, the company designed its network infrastructure and provided the latest IP-VPN that is secured and reliable. All regional ports under the PPA was inter-connected using fiber network and backbone supported by major Telcos nationwide.

  • Management and Monitoring of ICT facilities and Infrastructure;
  • Network Migration and managed connectivity, redundancy and disaster recovery solutions;
  • IP-VPN connecting 28 PMOs sites
  • IP-PABX- voice connectivity to Fixed and Mobile PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network)
  • Wifi System and Voice Conferencing solution

Today, PPA infrastructure is being managed 24/7 by iOne Resources to help the government agency performs it function through a reliable and secured communications facility.



Project Details

Client Philippine Ports Authority
Date Completed
Technology IP-VPN
Service 3 years

Network Cost & Optimization platform

iOne uses its Network Cost and Optimization platform to select the best performing local network connection at the best price for every branch office or datacenter

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Multi-Carrier Virtualized Overlay platform

iOne uses its Multi-Carrier Virtualized Overlay platform to seamlessly integrate connectivity with end-to-end class of service options for data, voice, video and other traffic types

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