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Unveil the Mysteries of the Deep Sea with Cutting-Edge Technology: Dive into the unknown with iOne Maritime, your partner in the Philippines on subsea technology powered by Teledyne. Our advanced instruments are your gateway to uncovering the secrets beneath the waves, from ocean currents and climate change to underwater ecosystems.

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Advanced Oceanographic Research Tools:

We provides state-of-the-art instruments like the APEX profiling floats and Slocum Gliders, which have significantly contributed to understanding ocean processes, currents, weather patterns, and climate change

Fuel Cell Power Systems for Underwater Vehicles

We can demonstrate fuel cell power systems for subsea applications, offering sustainable and efficient power alternatives for sea floor and underwater vehicles, thus ensuring longer endurance and greater autonomy​

Innovative Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs)

The Teledyne Gavia SeaRaptor and other AUVs equipped with sophisticated sonar and imaging technologies facilitate deep-sea surveys across a range of marine industries, including offshore wind, aquaculture, and oil & gas​

Expertise in Harsh Environments

With our extensive experience in engineering and advanced manufacturing solutions for challenging environments, Our Teledyne partner provides reliable systems integration, technology development, and operations maintenance, especially in the maritime, aerospace, defense, and energy sectors

Comprehensive Subsea Solutions:

We offer total solutions encompassing Imaging, Instruments, Interconnect, Seismic, and Vehicle technology, tailored to a variety of industries like hydrography, offshore, dredging, defense and security, and marine research​

Strong Defense and Security Applications

Teledyne’s technologies, especially in AUVs like the Slocum gliders, are vital in defense applications, offering capabilities in antisubmarine warfare, mine countermeasures, and naval special warfare, enhancing the tactical and strategic capabilities of military operations


Partner with us for your exploration needs

Join us in charting new courses and uncovering the wonders of the ocean. iOne-Teledyne Maritime: a sea of solutions from a single, trusted supplier. Explore more with us today and sail into the future of ocean exploration

Featured Products

Advanced Profiling Explorer (APEX) Profiling Floats: A cornerstone of Teledyne Webb Research’s product line, the APEX profiling floats have been instrumental in collecting oceanographic data globally. They have significantly contributed to the understanding of ocean processes affecting currents, weather, and climate change.

Slocum Gliders: Named after Joshua Slocum, the first person to sail solo around the world, these autonomous underwater vehicles utilize variable-buoyancy propulsion. The Slocum Gliders are known for their long-duration, large-scale ocean measurements, providing valuable data on temperature, salinity, oxygen levels, and more.

Teledyne Gavia SeaRaptor 6,000m AUVs: These AUVs are designed for deep-sea surveys and are equipped with advanced sonar and imaging technology. They serve various marine industries, including offshore wind, aquaculture, deep-sea minerals, and offshore oil & gas.

Explore the Depths with iOne Marine

You may not realize it, but Teledyne Marine designs and manufactures instruments used to monitor and explore​ almost everything below the surface of the sea.​

What is Teledyne Maritime?

Teledyne Maritime is iOne’s  marine technology partner.  specializing in advanced marine technology and oceanographic instruments. It encompasses several companies focused on subsea technology, offering products and solutions for marine research, defense, energy, and environmental monitoring.

How do Slocum Gliders benefit oceanographic research?

Slocum Gliders are autonomous underwater vehicles that provide long-duration, large-scale ocean measurements. They collect data on parameters like temperature, pressure, salinity, and oxygen levels, enhancing our understanding of oceanic conditions and processes.

What are some of the key marine products

Key products include the Advanced Profiling Explorer (APEX) profiling floats for oceanographic data collection, Slocum Gliders for long-duration ocean measurements, and the Teledyne Gavia Osprey AUV for deeper, longer endurance missions. Additionally, the Teledyne Gavia SeaRaptor is an AUV designed for deep-sea surveys in various marine industries.

What makes the Teledyne Gavia Osprey AUV unique?

The Gavia Osprey AUV stands out for its medium size, capability for longer endurance missions (over 24 hours), and operation at depths of up to 2,000 meters. It’s versatile in payload options, catering to both commercial and defense markets for deep water survey inspection and defense applications.

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