Having an advanced cybersecurity programs and framework in place to protect daily data transmission is crucial and in everyone’s interest. To date, the digital society relies on critical infrastructure to keep our digital economy running.

As per 2022 ForgeRock Consumer Identity Breach Report, Data breaches goes up to 35% was recorded last year.  It also reveals that data records containing usernames and passwords are the perfect “seeds” for perpetrating new breaches. Here are some report’s findings:

  • Two billion records containing usernames and passwords were compromised in 2021 — an increase of 35% over 2020.
  • Unauthorized access was the top vector in 2021, accounting for 50% of all breaches.
  • In the U.S. retail sector, the average cost of a single breach rose by nearly two-thirds to $3.27 million.

That’s the reason why iOne Resources, Inc, one of the countries prime mover in cybersecurity solutions conducted a  Cybersecurity Forum— a by-invitation event dubbed as “ Secure your Digital Transformation Journey” to its wide array of clientele to have a first hand information on the latest threats and strategy to combat the nuances of digital security last Oct 27, 2022 at the Makati Diamond Hotel in Makati City, Philippines. 

The event was well attended by CIOs of their respective industry and in the government sector who has shown interest to help them secure their current digital infrastructure. Expert Speakers in cybersecurity were invited to provide a glimpse into the wide array of threats and vulnerabilities the industry will face and provide a strategy to combat it.

The event was supported by iOne’s strategic partners, namely Orca Security, Sangfor Technologies, and Akamai Technologies, which are the company’s cybersecurity alliance in providing its clientele with the utmost security that the customers need.

Furthermore, this is also part of the company’s initiative to help the Philippines improve its cybersecurity resilience and infrastructure to address emerging digital threats that are becoming more complex over the years.